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FACTS ON SEAFOOD CITYBowen’s business “Seafood City” was contracted into a lease agreement with a landlord. The business began to have an extensive roof leak which were not being addressed by the landlord despite being reported in September 2019 and repeated attempts toward mitigation. This led to the roof collapsing. The landlord's failure to fix the roof resulted in the health department closing the store in December 2022 for food safety.


However, the City did would NOT ALLOW anyone to remove the food due to concerns of contamination. These conflicting government actions and the landlord’s failure to act, resulting in Bowen’s business filing a lawsuit against the landlord, with the tenant seeking $7.1 million in damages for the unresolved issue, Seafood City was generating over 11 million dollars in revenue and 421,000 dollars in profit before the incident.


Do not believe lies from Bowen’s political opponents. Bowen’s business was thriving and due to an irresponsible landlord and governmental bureaucracy this incident occurred. 


The FACTS on Seafood City - 001.png

Seafood City Smear Story


why is the political mob lying?

Learn the facts about this extremely profitable business, where Bowen has posted revealing documents and images that provide the truth. Once learning the truth,

ask the political mob, why are they lying about Bowen’s business record? 



Bowen’s success is a story of hard work and incremental progress. From sleeping on the floor in the office of his book business, to serving seafood himself, to now employing over 500 people in top of the line grocery stores.


Bowen came to America at the age of 19 and became a small business owner within the first year. While in college he made a business out of buying used texts books from students and reselling them to other students at affordable prices. Three years later, he sold that business to purchase his first 2,000 square foot grocery store, starting with 3 employees.


He grew the business to 9 grocery stores, a few independent bakeries, and through his businesses provides a livelihood to more than 500 people. Bowen is part of the American Dream and wants to protect it from communism and the political mob. 

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